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Testing out a current project (headpiece

Celyn Cooke Millinery & Design creates whimsical, yet refined, hat and headwear, bringing the world of creative arts to you. Audacious, sexy, dark, mysterious, humorous, regal: whatever your mood, we have just the head piece.


Inspiration from vintage fashion, film, art, pop culture and music are translated into exquisite hats, by milliner Celyn Cooke, that are waiting conversation pieces. Non-conformist and tongue-in-cheek, our pieces survive the fashion trends and are the ultimate ice-breaker. 


An array of themes is brought alive through hat embellishments, textures and silhouettes that reference surrealism, Hollywood glamour and boho chic. Sometimes classic and subtle, sometimes a statement.

Celyn Cooke is a British milliner who handcrafts beguiling headpieces and hats for enthusiasts of vintage design, pop culture and hat addicts worldwide.


Celyn’s love of the arts and dressing up was fostered through growing-up on the stage side wings whilst her mother, 60’s singing icon, Billie Davis, performed. Always in earshot of Billie’s incredible stories of her early days on tour, with such icons as the Beatles and Rolling Stones.


With access to the wardrobe of a performing mother, the dress up box was a favourite pastime. Equally so, hanging out in record companies with her father who was signing acts in the 80’s and 90’s, created a child with eclectic taste.


Growing up in London, she studied Fine Art and Design at the Camberwell College of Art and secured a bachelor degree in Fine Art from Middlesex University. Thereafter, Celyn pursued work in the Set and Prop Design for theatre, film and TV, Including BBC and BAFTA winning productions.


Celyn spent her free time between Camden, Kensington Market and Soho and witnessed the rise in vintage inspired and burlesque fashion, in particular headpieces. Her love of nostalgia prompted Celyn to learn millinery techniques and design her own hats. These pieces reflected her interest in iconic style, performing arts and costume, often taking influence from mid-century design. Word-of-mouth soon had Celyn expanding on her hat designs, taking orders on bespoke pieces for weddings and formal events.


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